Office 365 for students

Parents please take note of the following email sent to students regarding their login for use of Microsoft Office 365, which is supplied by the school to use at home -:

Attention all students

On Wednesday 21st February your login for Microsoft Office 365 that you received from the school to use at home will change.

At the moment on your home computer for Microsoft Office 365 you will have logged in with an email address similar to and a randomly generated password we supplied you with.

From Wednesday 21st February, you will need to log in to Microsoft Office 365 using your school email address and password. This will be in the format of -: and whatever your password is for your school computer account.

If you have files stored on OneDrive you will need to copy them to your computer before this date as the old accounts will be deleted

You will only be able to login using your school details from Wednesday 21st February around midday. Microsoft Office 365 will continue to work at home until that date using the older details.

 Year 11s – Your school account will work until the Summer holidays.