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Key Stage 3

Pupils at Weobley High School have one lesson per week where they follow the modern and recently established Key Stage 3 Computing Curriculum.  Each year is split into a number of units, all centred around a specific theme.  There are four units to follow in Year 7; they are spreadsheets, databases, game making and 3D Design.  All of these units are based around a Harry Potter and Hogwarts theme.  For example, on the 3D design unit pupils must use the powerful Sketchup program to build the exterior of the Weasleys’ house, the interior of the Gryffindor  common room, as well as other exciting tasks.

Year 8 allows pupils to study a further four units, these time centred around a secret agent theme.  The units are control systems, multimedia, cryptography and web design.  Pupils enjoy building their own MI6 website as well as cracking codes and finding out about the history of coding on the cryptography unit.  The multimedia unit is also a favourite, this involves students creating a “Agent Test” using lots of media including sound, video and photo-editing.

The Year 9 curriculum is dedicated to the pupils making their own computer game.  This curriculum is also split into different units as the pupils go through the entire design process.  The pupils begin by analysing actual computer games before moving onto design ideas for their game.  Following on from this they gather and create their own assets before bringing them together by making the game using the modern and successful program MissionMaker.


Key Stage 4IMG_2619

Pupils have the option of studying GCSE ICT as part of their Key Stage 4 curriculum.
Here at Weobley we follow the WJEC exam board, this was chosen because it offers exciting and current topics for the students to study.  The course is broken into two exams (worth 40%) and two controlled practical assessments (worth 60%).  The theory covers a whole host of topics including e-commerce, e-safety, home business, home entertainment and networks.  The controlled practical assessments are completed over a number of hours during lesson time and test the pupils’ ability to apply their ICT skills to a project scenario.  The programs used during the controlled assessments include Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Flash CS6, Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 as well as Microsoft Office.

All of the lessons, resources, revision materials etc. are available on our department website, ict.weoblehigh.co.uk