Weobley High’s BNF Healthy Eating Week 2016


It is National Healthy Eating week which we are hoping to get all of our students in new yr 8,9 and 10 fully  involved in during form time as well as in Food and PE lessons.

The school canteen offered a free and healthy breakfast to our students at the start of the week. Students in Years 8, 9 and 10 were offered a range of healthy foods during tutor time.

There are other challenges that we would like all students to take part in and recognise the benefits of healthy living. If your would like more information please visit the BNF website





There are five challenges:

  1. Have 5 portions of fruit/ veg per  day
  2. Try something new – related to healthy eating, food provenance and physical activity
  3. Get active
  4. Have breakfast
  5. Drink plenty of water

Many thanks to Weobley photography club’s newest recruit Dan North for some of these images