13th December 2017

Dear parent / carer,

As you are aware, we had a visit from OFSTED in November. It was actually a real privilege to see the school operating whilst under scrutiny.  Inspectors reported back that pupils were ‘fiercely loyal’ and staff were described as ‘creating an atmosphere we’ve never really come across before’!  Equally the support from parents was overwhelming!

As you will see, the final decision was to keep the school as ‘Good’ with an ‘Outstanding’ judgement in Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare; indeed this aspect of the school has now been judged as outstanding in three consecutive inspections over many years. It is a strong report with actually, just two areas for development.  Most of the comments are positive (for OFSTED-speak) and the general message was to keep doing what we’re doing.

The inspection team on the first day did actually take the unusual step of converting to a 2-day inspection as they considered us to be on the ‘cusp’ of a move to a full outstanding judgement.  This was very flattering and actually, I think was deserved, however the team who arrived on the second day couldn’t quite be persuaded; it was close though!  Our main issue was that the performance of a small group of ‘disadvantaged’ pupils in 2017 could only be described as good.  That seemed to be a limiting factor; slightly frustrating when the 2017 cohort of pupils actually achieved some of the best overall GCSE progress in England!

Anyway, thank you once again for your support.  Weobley continues to be a unique and amazing school; I am incredibly proud to serve as its headteacher and I’m not sure that any external evaluation could alter that!

Please follow the link below to read a copy of the report which will also be published shortly on the OFSTED website.

Weobley High School Ofsted Report 2017

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,

Dean Williams