Another impressive year for Weobley’s GCSE Students!

Once again the pupils of Weobley High School have performed strongly in this year’s GCSE examinations. Core subjects such as mathematics, science and English have achieved some very good results meaning that the English Baccalaureate score remains significantly higher than the national average. 76% of pupils achieved a high-grade pass in mathematics and 75% in English; 65% achieved a high-grade pass in both. An impressive 77% also achieved at least 2 high-grade science GCSEs with every pupil who sat separate sciences achieving a high-grade pass in every single paper and over half attaining grade 7s (previously A grades) or above!

Dean Williams, Executive Headteacher said,

“Once again I find myself expressing my gratitude to the staff who have worked relentlessly to ensure that our pupils are thoroughly prepared for their examinations and achieve so well year on year. This consistency is incredibly important. I would also like to congratulate the pupils on their achievements; they have done themselves, their families and the school proud!”

Many pupils have achieved exceptionally well however a special mention must go to Harry Wycherley and Lydon Strangeway, both of whom achieved 11 high-grade passes each virtually all at grade 8 and 9! The following also all achieved high-grade passes in all their GCSEs with at least 7 grade 7s or above:
Samuel Curd, Tabitha Devereux, Finn Gilbert-Jones, Christy Lynch, Isla Pennington, Lauren Pullen and Mallie West.