Careers Policy

  • Rationale


    Careers education and guidance programmes play a major part in helping young people choose pathways that suit their interests, abilities and individual needs. A robust careers programme helps avoid disengagement, puts school learning into a wider and more relevant context, and helps raise aspirations.

    Our careers programme helps our pupils to plan and manage their careers effectively, ensuring progression which is ambitious and aspirational. It promotes equality of opportunity, celebrates diversity and challenges stereotypes. The policy is designed to meet the Gatsby benchmarks and conforms to statutory requirements.


  • Commitment



    Weobley High School is committed to providing all pupils in Years 7-11 with a programme of careers activities and supporting activity. The programme has been developed in line with the eight Gatsby benchmarks for ensuring best practice and to meet the requirements of the Department for Education’s statutory guidance 2018.


    The Gatsby Benchmarks


    1. A stable careers programme
    2. Learning from career and labour market information
    3. Addressing the needs of each pupil
    4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
    5. Encounters with employers and employees
    6. Experience of work places
    7. Encounters with further and higher education
    8. Personal guidance


    The current careers programme is delivered through a combination of methods, including citizenship in Key Stage 3, Form Tutor-led Citizenship in Years 8, 10 and 11 and for Years 9 to 11 through assemblies, presentations, employer visits, work experience, seminars, workshops, drop down days and 1:1 sessions. Additionally, several special events are held such as the annual careers speed-dating event, an annual activity of careers events held during enrichment days such as University visits, College Taster Days, CV writing workshops, mock interviews and the Skills Show.


  • Aim


    To help pupils develop the skills and confidence to make realistic and informed decisions about their futures and to manage the transitions from one stage of their education, training and work to the next.


  • Objectives


    • To ensure that pupils develop the skills and attitudes necessary for success in adult and working life;
    • To make pupils aware of the range of opportunities which are realistically available to them in continued education and training at 14+, 16+ and 18+;
    • To equip pupils with the necessary decision-making skills to manage those same transitions;
    • To develop  in  pupils  an  awareness  of  the  wide  variety  of  education,  training  and  careers opportunities both locally and nationally;
    • To encourage pupils to make good use of the paper-based, virtual and staff resources available to them, in order that they can make informed and appropriate choices throughout their school journey;
    • To foster links between the school, local businesses and further/higher education establishments;
    • To enable pupils to experience the world of work and develop transferable skills;
    • To ensure that wherever possible, all young people leave the school to enter employment, further education or training;
    • To maintain a culture of high aspirations;
    • To promote equality of opportunity, celebrate diversity, challenge stereotypes and ensure all pupils who require any extra assistance and guidance to reach their potential, receive


  • Learning Outcomes


    Pupils should be able to:


    • Assess their achievements, qualities and skills;
    • Present this information as appropriate;
    • Use this information for personal development;
    • Set career and learning targets;
    • Recognise and deal accordingly with influences on their attitudes, values and behaviour in relation to work; and
    • Recognise the value and impact their activities at school can have on their fu


  • Implementation


    The school guarantees impartial and independent advice via:


    • Access for all pupils and staff to an experienced and trained school-based Careers Coordinator;
    • Promoting the National Careers Service Website and Helpline;
    • Promotion of independent websites relevant to all career needs;
    • Access to a wide variety of external speakers offering independent sources of information including several local and national employers, representatives from professional bodies and organisations including medical, finance, law, engineering and public services , representatives of higher education establishments and former pupils, who are a valuable resource.


    All staff have a part to play in the implementation of this policy through their role as tutors and as subject specialists nevertheless there are two members of staff who have specific careers responsibilities.  These are:


    Mr Weston Holder:  Careers Leader

    Mrs Stokes:  Careers Coordinator



  • Information and Resources


    Careers information and resources are located in the Careers Office and Library, which contains up-to-date, impartial information presented in a variety of media. It is reviewed and renewed on a regular basis by the Careers Coordinator. College and University prospectuses are current, and visual displays on the noticeboards are kept current. Careers resources can be accessed by pupils before school, during break and lunch times and after school. Form tutors can also book time to access them during registration periods in conjunction with the Careers Coordinator.


    A range of resources is provided by the Careers Coordinator to use during form time and integrated study lessons.


    A report on the careers programme is presented to the governors annually.


  • Entitlement


    Every pupil is entitled to a thorough, personalised and aspirational programme of careers events throughout their time at Weobley. They are given support to follow whichever route they choose.


    Parents and carers are welcome to contact the school directly or use the Parent Surgery system if they have any questions or concerns about their child’s progress and their child’s participation in careers activities as well as the options process which runs in Year 9. They are also entitled to information about the work experience programme, which has its own dedicated information evening run by the Careers Coordinator.


    Each KS4 pupil will have at least one individual careers interview by the end of KS4.


    Students will also receive a careers passport during Year 7 which will enable to them to view their careers provision at Weobley High School and self-evaluate their careers programme.




  • Careers and SEND provision


    Careers and SEND provision


    Every pupil with SEND follows the same programme of careers as their peers, with adaptation and support from the SEND team where appropriate. As our careers programme is primarily focused on individual choice and personal aspirations it is tailored for young people’s needs naturally.


    Pupils with SEND have an interview with the headteacher in Year 9 before the options process to enable early identification of any needs and necessary adaptations, as well as to recognise the careers aspirations of young people with additional needs. If an issue should arise at a later date, as soon as it is recognised the SENDCO requests that the Careers Coordinator organise a further one to one. Pupils can also self-refer and Form Tutors are also able to raise concerns.


    The SENDCO meets with parents/carers to discuss option suitability where their need is likely to have an impact on their choices during the option process. The SENDCO supports the development of work experience placements, ensuring that providers are aware of individual needs, highlighting any considerations that need to be made and promoting a positive experience.


  • Partnerships



    The careers programme is greatly enhanced through links with several partners who help ensure that pupils’ learning is up to date and relevant. We strive constantly to expand and improve links with employers and other local groups. This involvement includes the provision of work experience placements, careers talks, workplace visits and mock interviews.


    Links are also maintained with the local FE colleges together with various training providers supporting apprenticeships for those pupils considering that route as an alternative to further or higher education.


    A number of events, integrated into the school careers programme, will offer providers an opportunity to come into school to speak to pupils. Here is an outline of the current programme:


    Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
    Sept-Oct Nov-Dec Jan-Feb March April-May June-July
    Year 11  Info Evening Police Cadets assembly HCS Assembly HLC Apprenticeships
      Speed Networking National Citizen Service HSFC Interview Day National

    Apprenticeship Week

      HSFC assembly Application Workshops
      HLC Assembly Open Events Assist students who may need support in applications including course visits
      Individual Careers Interviews
      HWGTA Apprenticeship Assembly HWGTA application workshop
    Year 10 CV writing workshop Project Ask apprenticeship Assembly 3 Colleges Taster Day
      Interview preparation workshop University Visit
      Mock interviews HLC assembly
      Work Experience preparation including parent launch and placement support Work Experience Week
    Year 9 JED Software- Options preparation Options Evening
      Skills Show Curriculum Interviews with headteacher.


    Year 8 Engineering Assembly Citizenship lessons inc. Options post 16, JED treasure Hunt and Q & A sessions
    Year 7 Talent assembly
    Whole School Tomorrow’s Engineers Week National Careers Week



  • Links with staff


    Links with staff

    All staff have a duty to play their part in pupils’ progress through the careers curriculum, for example:


    • Form tutors monitoring the progress of their tutees;
    • Subject teachers linking their curriculum subject to careers and ensuring pupils realise what skills their subject is promoting, as well as the opportunities a qualification in a subject can provide;
    • A teacher delivering careers education via citizenship;
    • Coordinating or enabling work experience;
    • Providing a reference for someone’s job application;
    • Monitoring progress and conducting one to one interviews to ensure pupils are on track;
    • Senior leaders  ensuring  a  whole-school  focus  on  careers  education  and  supporting  careers development;
    • Coordinating CPD to ensure all relevant staff are trained appropriately with regards to care



  • Links with governing body


    All changes to the careers policy are approved by the school governing body and they are regularly informed about the progress of the careers programme via visits to the school and reports/presentations delivered by the Careers Coordinator or Careers Leader. The Link Governor for Careers is Mr Paul Avery.


  • Work Experience


    The objective of Work Experience in Year 10 (new Year 11) is to provide pupils with an opportunity to experience the world of work first-hand, and to develop their employability skills. Where possible, pupils should seek a placement in an environment which is linked to a career which they are considering for their own future. During the week, pupils will develop their communication skills, learn about the expectations of a workplace and possibly develop some skills which are specific to their placement role. All pupils will be offered the opportunity to undertake a one-week placement as they enter Year 11 at the end of the summer term.

    It is ultimately the pupil’s responsibility to ensure that they have secured a placement (before the deadline given by the Careers Coordinator); however, support in finding a placement will be offered by the school and they are assisted by the Careers Co-ordinator. Each year, the Work Experience programme is launched at an information evening for pupils and parents held in the Autumn Term.

    Prior to the placement, pupils will participate in several preparation activities including creating a CV, letter writing and a mock interview with an external business partner. A Work Experience briefing will be held for all pupils in Year 10 in the week prior to their placements to ensure that they understand how to approach their placement, and the procedures to follow if there are any problems. Necessary and relevant health and safety information will also be covered. Each pupil will be visited or telephoned during their placement by a member of staff.

    On return to school, there are Work Experience debrief sessions during form time where the pupils are given the opportunity to reflect upon and share their experiences with classmates and staff. Pupils are not permitted to undertake placements outside of England and Wales, for Health and Safety and other regulatory reasons – the school cannot ensure that pupils are working in a safe environment at such a remote distance. Pupils may not request holiday from the school in order to undertake a work placement outside of England and Wales; in this circumstance the pupil should arrange the placement in their own time.

    When a placement is requested outside of Herefordshire, the school will request that Health & Safety checks are undertaken by the appropriate area. Costs for Health and Safety checks are covered by voluntary donations from parents/carers who are informed about the standard cost and that it may be higher if a placement is taken outside of the county. Parents are told about these details at the Work Experience Information evening held by the Careers Coordinator.


  • Safeguarding


    To ensure that pupils are safe during Work Experience placements, the school will check that the organisation offering the placement holds valid ‘Employers’ Liability Insurance’ (ELI) for the time of the placement. Any placement which does not hold ELI and which has not been Health and Safety checked for the period of the placement will not be approved for Work Experience, and the pupil seeking the placement will be advised to find an alternative. In addition, the school cannot support placements with sole traders or single employees.


  • Covid Restrictions on Careers


    In order to maintain an effective careers policy whilst also adhering to government guidelines in relation to Covid restrictions, it has been necessary to alter some of our provisions this year. Some events involving outside speakers will not be able to take place. We are however ensuring that students still receive a comprehensive careers education.


    Reviewed on:                                                                   July 2020


    Reviewed at:                                                                     SLT


    By:                                                                                         Careers Leader


    To be reviewed:                                                               July 2022