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Key Stage 3

Pupils at Weobley High School have one lesson per week, where they follow the modern and exciting curriculum that we have developed over the past few years.  Our subject has seen many changes in recent times with the addition of Computer Science; the units we have developed for our students are a combination of ICT and Computer Science, giving them a clear idea of which path they may wish to choose later on in their education.

There are four units to follow in Year 7; they are “Spreadsheets”, “Databases”, “Microbits” and Game Making with Kodu”. The Spreadsheets and Databases units are centred around a Harry Potter theme, to make them more exciting more our students.  They have to complete tasks such as a spreadsheet which calculates which of the Hogwarts houses students are put in, and a database to store records of all the Quidditch equipment.

The four units of study in Year 8 are “What is a Computer?”, “Advanced Scratch”, “Grand Designs” and “Web Awareness”.  The “What is a Computer?” unit is always a firm favourite which our students because it is during this unit that they get to take apart old PCs and see how they are made up.

Year 9 has changed the most in recent times thanks to the introduction of Computer Science.  We have developed a programming unit called “Python Magic” were people learn to code using the language of Python.  They also study Photoshop during the “Digital Imaging” unit as well as “Computational Thinking” and “Algorithms and Boolean Logic”.


Key Stage 4IMG_2619

Pupils have the option of studying OCR Information Technologies course as part of their Key Stage 4 curriculum.  This course is brand new for 2018 and was chosen because it offers exciting and current topics to learn.  The course consists one written exam (worth 50% of the course) and a practical controlled assessment (also worth 50%).  The practical project that the students make undertake involves computerising a business, and consists of spreadsheets, web design etc. The controlled practical assessments are completed over a number of hours during lesson time and test the pupils’ ability to apply their ICT skills to a project scenario.

All of the lessons, resources, revision materials etc. are available on our department website, computerscience.weobleyhigh.co.uk