Weobley High LInC (The Learning Inclusion Centre)


Here at Weobley High School we believe that a healthy school actively seeks to promote positive emotional health and well being and helps pupils understand their feelings, and build their confidence and emotional resilience and therefore their capacity to learn. Adolescence is the most tumultuous period of life.


Young people must learn new social roles, develop new relationships, manage enormous physical changes and make far-reaching decisions about their future. It is at this stressful time that The LInC aims to help these adolescents.

We offer a wide range of academic support in The LInC, from coursework ‘catch-up’, literacy and numeracy support to improving handwriting skills. Pastorally we can work on issues such as anger management and bullying through to improving self-esteem; the list is endless!

If you require further information on what The LInC can offer your child then please contact Mrs Pawlow who will be only too happy to talk further about her work.