Weobley High School Uniform

We expect all pupils to look smart and respectable and we hope that parents will support the school in our requirements about appearance. The following applies to what pupils should wear on their way to or from school as well as when they are in school. We have kept the uniform requirements as practical and simple as possible.
Students may not wear jewellery, and the school can not take responsibility for items brought into school. Earrings, eyebrow studs, nose studs, etc are not allowed for safety reasons, although students may wear one stud in each ear.
Students should not wear makeup to school. Footwear should be safe, sturdy and comfortable; trainers are not allowed.
School uniform can be ordered from the clubsport website

Blue polo shirt – school badge
Blue polo shirt with school badge
No clothing should be visible underneath the polo shirt.
Black sweatshirt school badge

This is optional but this is the only form of jumper allowed

Black tailored trousers or pleated knee-length, medium grey skirt

Trousers and skirts should be smart and sensible (no skinny fit trousers). Only narrow black belts should be worn.

Sensible Black polishable shoes

Trainers should not be worn.

Black opaque or natural-colour tights

Leg warmers should not be worn.

Black ankle socks
shopping (1)White socks may be worn with a skirt.
Dark-coloured coat or jacket
shopping (2)

A sweater or hoodie is not acceptable.