Weobley High  – Modern Foreign Languages


We are proud to be a high-achieving department at this school and are committed to helping you achieve your very best during your studies with us.

Our department has highly-qualified teachers in French and German and we teach both to GCSE level.  Having the wonderful opportunity to study a new language is given to all of our students, as we firmly believe that studying a foreign language allows you to broaden your awareness of the world.

Talking in a different language lets you connect with people on their own terms.  It makes for more enriching cultural experiences, and being able to communicate is the best feeling in the world!  We try to stimulate your imagination, develop skills and knowledge that you can use in all of your other subjects and give you the ability to experience a little bit more when you go abroad.

Here’s something to consider – because learning another language requires lots and lots of remembering, studies have shown that bilinguals, when given tasks regarding memory, always score higher than those who can only speak one language! What’s not to like?

Our department comprises four members of staff:
Mrs L Ludlow: German and French; Subject Leader – MFL
Mrs A Price: German and French; Learning Coordinator Year 8

Ms S Richardson: French; Form Tutor, Level 7 in Assessing and Teaching Learners with Dyslexia/Spld

Mrs K Watkins: French; Form Tutor


There are four dedicated language classrooms, all equipped with interactive whiteboards. Two also have a full suite of computers for individual student use, allowing learning in an excellent environment.

We encourage all our students to participate fully in lessons, no matter their abilities in languages.  Having a positive learning experience in our lessons is crucial and careful planning ensures that we build student skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. We concentrate not only on learning the language, but exploring the culture of the foreign country – you can also experience it for yourself by going on one of our regular visits to France and Germany.

Key Stage 3

All students learn French as the primary language at Weobley and approximately half of our students will also learn German.  All students receive a solid grounding in grammar, vocabulary knowledge and we focus on skill development, allowing them to become more independent in their language learning.  Although not compulsory at GCSE, most of our students continue their language studies at Key Stage 4.





Key Stage 4

French and German are offered at Key Stage 4 and students can always study two languages if they wish. All students follow the Edexcel GCSE course, using Edexcel’s own GCSE books for French and German. These resources are supplemented by a very large amount of up-to-date materials that we select from relevant websites.


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