We aspire to be the best school we can be where outstanding  provision is the norm.  We are clear in our values and expectations and believe that through providing high-quality teaching within a supportive, yet challenging learning environment, pupils will receive the best possible education at our school.


We are passionate about teaching and learning and we offer an enormously diverse curriculum tailored to the needs and aspirations of our pupils.  This takes place within a vibrant, yet caring school community where each individual’s strengths and talents are allowed to flourish.


We believe that a child will learn best when they are happy; this drives our ethos as a school.










We have six objectives which encompass our approach to school improvement:


  • To ensure that children are able to learn and achieve in a challenging and stimulating environment in which they feel safe, supported and well-prepared for their future as well-rounded citizens.


  • To ensure that the work of all staff within the school is of the highest quality and that staff are able to develop in a supportive and creative environment.


  • To ensure that the curriculum is broad, balanced and engaging so that it meets the needs and aspirations of every pupil in the school.


  • To ensure that the school site is developed fully as a learning resource and that it provides a secure, stimulating and ecologically   sustainable environment for teaching, learning and personal development.


  • To ensure that the school is led and managed effectively so that the needs and aspirations of all members of the school community are met.


  • To ensure that we maintain a collaborative and innovative approach to our work to the benefit of the members of our school and wider community and to that of our partner schools.