At the end of the summer term 2022, 50 students from Year 9 enjoyed an overnight trip to London. Accompanied by members of the Maths department and some other support staff, we left Weobley at 6.30am on a very warm July morning. When we got to London, we visited the Science museum and had a guided coach tour of some of the sights, before enjoying a river cruise and an evening meal at Pizza Express.

Eventually we arrived at our hotel late that evening, and after a comfortable stay and a very tasty all you can eat breakfast, we spent day 2 at Bletchley Park, learning all about the coding used during World War II.

For many of the students, this was their first residential stay. They were all excellent company and very well behaved, especially given the exceptional weather!

Here are a few group photos from the trip, which we hope to offer to other year groups in future.