This week we had Nicola Taylor, who is the criminology teacher at sixth form, attend Weobley high school to give a work shop to our new year 11 students.

The work shop was 2 hours and it gave an insight in to what will be involved in the course whilst also having a hands-on approach. Each student was given a work book where by at intervals they would work through a task, one of these being where the students had to look at a picture for 10 seconds and then answer questions in the booklet about the picture. Another task was taking their own finger prints and looking at each other’s to see how they are all different. Putting insects in the order that they assist in the decomposition of a corpse. Also having the opportunity to look at pictures of blood splatter and how they may have been made, plus many more.

This was a great insight was those students wanting to take criminology at college, yet it was also really insightful and enjoyable for those that don’t as this subject is one that many are interested in. The feedback from the students was good many wanting to do more workshops.