In a remarkable display of community engagement and educational enrichment, Weobley High School has made its mark

on history by participating in the prestigious Weobley Big Dig 2023 excavation project. The school’s involvement in this archaeological endeavour has not only provided unique learning opportunities for its students but has also contributed valuable insights into the past.

The Big Dig 2023, a local initiative to uncover and preserve historical artifacts, has captivated the attention of historians, archaeologists, and enthusiasts alike.

Led by a team of professional archaeologists and with the support of the local community and the Weobley History Society, Weobley High School students embarked on an unforgettable journey to uncover hidden treasures buried beneath the grounds of their school. The excavation site, was selected due to its potential for yielding significant historical artifacts on an old track that once went over the school field.

Under the guidance of experienced archaeologists and their dedicated teachers, Mrs Waring, Mr Nicholas, Miss Wood and Mrs Loupart, students at Weobley High School gained hands-on experience in excavation techniques.

Over the course of 5 days, the young archaeologists meticulously uncovered remnants of bygone eras, ranging from Later – Medieval pottery to an old school merit badge. The Weobley Big Dig has been an incredible opportunity for our students to engage with history in a meaningful way, witnessing their enthusiasm and dedication throughout this project has been truly inspiring.