We are keen to help and support all our pupils and their parents/carers so they have the best possible experience at Weobley and reach their full potential. There is strong statistical evidence to show that students who have excellent attendance are more successful in school and achieve to a significantly higher standard. We are keen that everyone aims for 100% attendance at school and to this end we do not support any term time absence.
In order that we might be sure of the whereabouts and safety of our pupils we ask that parents/carers contact the school by 9.00am on the morning of the first day of absence to notify us of the reason for absence.  The methods for doing this are:
By phone: 01544 318159 (Option 1)
By Email:
If the absence extends beyond two days, parents/carers should ring again to keep the school updated. On return to school, a letter signed by the parents/carers is required to confirm the reason for absence and the dates involved. We ask that this letter is brought to school on the first day back.
As a school we monitor attendance very closely and work with families to ensure that any pupils whose attendance is a concern, receives the appropriate support.  Equally the Education Welfare Service will intervene when attendance is becoming a serious concern and penalty notices may be issued (see below).
Please find attached a link to the Penalty Notice Code of Conduct