Key Stage 3 (Year 7 to Year 9 organisation)

When pupils are admitted to the school they will be placed into registration groups. The placement of pupils in these groups will be decided after consultation between this school and our primary colleagues – taking into account such factors as ability, friendship groups, personality, etc. For teaching purposes most pupils are grouped by ability. The criteria used to group pupils is their ability as indicated in the Key Stage 2 SATs and the perception of their respective primary schools. The composition of the teaching groups is regularly reviewed and children are sometimes moved from one teaching group to another depending on their progress.

The subjects followed for most of Key Stage 3 are: English, Mathematics, Science, Art & Design, PHSE/Citizenship, Design Technology, Drama, Geography, History, Computing, Modern Foreign Languages, Music, Physical Education and Religious Education.

Key Stage Four (Year 10 and Year 11 organisation)

All pupils continue to study English, Mathematics and Science to GCSE level, plus Physical Education, Religious Education and Citizenship (including Careers). The optional subjects available include Art, Child Development, Dance, Resistant Materials,Drama, Food Preparation and Nutrition, French, Geography, German,  History, ICT/ ICT iMedia, Music and Sport. Pupils with an aptitude for Science, who have achieved a high threshold at Key Stage 3 and make appropriate progress at Key Stage 4 will have the opportunity to study for GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. It is envisaged that most pupils will be accredited in Religious Education through their core lesson. All pupils have the opportunity to gain the English Baccalaureate. ICT/ICT iMedia is available across 3 option blocks so that all pupils can access accreditation.

We adopt a unique approach to our Key Stage 4 provision. All pupils are interviewed by the headteacher in Year 9 so that the curriculum can be tailored to their individual needs and aspirations.

In this way the curriculum can be personalised as much as possible so that pupils follow appropriate and relevant courses throughout the key stage.

Parents are involved at all stages including a Key Stage 4 Information Evening early in the Spring Term of Year 9.
In order to maximise opportunities for all students starting examination courses, we begin Key Stage 4 after half-term of the summer term. This unique approach extends the key stage significantly.