Weobley High – History

Welcome to the Weobley High History department. In KS3 and KS4 we cover some extermely interesting topics that span several eras of History. Here is an example of the content covered. Any questions please contact Mrs S Waring.


Key Stage 3

Year 7  topics include:

  • Who are we, raiders, invaders or settlers? banner_black_death
  • Who had control, the king or the Church?
  • Could you get justice in the Middle Ages?
  • Was the Black Death a disaster?
  • Why was there so much religious change in the 16th Century?

Year 8 topics include:The_Great_Fire

  • The first terrorist plot?
  • Why did people believe in witches?
  • Why did the English execute their king?
  • Was life better in England without King Charles?
  • The Great Fire of London, a blessing in disguise?
  • An empire to be proud of?
  • What was life like living in towns during the Industrial Revolution?

Year 9 topics include:soldier3

  • Why was the Great War a world war?
  • What were the effects of the war on the front line soldiers and back home?
  • Was Germany treated fairly after World War One?
  • How and why did Russia and Germany become a dictatorship?
  • What was life like under Nazi rule?


 Key Stage 4

OCR History B
• A British depth study. (The Liberal reforms. The home front during World War One. Women)
• International relations, the peace treaties, the League of Nations and causes of World War Two.
• A Depth Study: The USA, Land of Freedom 1945-1975?

There is only one tier in History, so all students will take the same exam papers.
There are two exam papers:

Paper 1 tests the knowledge and understanding pre 1945. This paper also includes a depth study on the USA, Land of Freedom 1945-1975? Paper 1 is 2 hours long and counts for 45% of pupils’ total marks.

Paper 2 is source based and tests the knowledge of British history, such as the Liberal reforms, the home front during World War One and women. Paper 2 is 1 hour 30 minutes long and counts for 30% of pupils’ total mark.

Pupils must complete 1 piece of coursework which is a controlled assessment; this counts for 25% of pupils’ total marks. Coursework is written in an essay format.

New GCSE specification for first teaching in September 2016:

Paper 1: A thematic study and historic environment:
Crime and punishment through time, c1000-present.
Historic environment: Whitechapel c1870-c1900.

Paper 2: Period study and British depth study.
Super power relations and the Cold War, 1941-91.
Early Elizabethan England.

Paper 3: A modern Depth Study.
Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918-39.
There is no coursework to complete.