Code of Conduct

It is expected that you will :
  • Behave well and do as staff request immediately.
  • Be on time for school with everything you need.
  • Wear the correct school uniform in the expected way.
  • Move around the school on the left of corridors and stairways, with care for others. Stow coats and bags safely in the correct place.
  • Take care of the environment, place litter in bins and eat your lunch in the Dining Room.
  • Support other pupils and all visitors to the school by being helpful and polite.

Classroom Code 

It is expected that you will:
  • Arrive to lessons on time.
  • Listen to and follow instructions straight away.
  • Do your work and allow others to do theirs.
  • Complete all work to the best of your ability.
  • Raise your hand for attention.
  • Respect the opinions of others.